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A Perfect Location

Seattle / Puget Sound Overview

The Pacific Northwest has been recognized as a highly desirable place to live and work because of the quality of life offered in the Seattle area. Seattle has a traditionally strong and stable economy.  It also has a beautiful environment and wealth of culture and recreational opportunities that distinguish the Puget Sound region of Washington. Despite the low-growth economy after the 2008 recession, local powerhouse corporations such as Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, T-Mobile, Starbucks and Costco are still financing the expansion of their operations as well as expanding their global reach.

Tourism is Washington State’s forth largest industry. The Puget Sound has contributed a healthy tourist element to Washington’s economy. Because of its proximity to growing markets in the Pacific Rim, the region is expected to experience continued economic growth through international trade and attract international travelers flying from Asian Pacific Rim countries. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport will be the first to benefit from this growth.

The Silver Lining: Many U.S. real estate market analysts agree that the real property market has found its floor and will turn around in a few years, and the commercial markets will recover more quickly than most of the housing markets. Seattle boasts its corporate giants and is among the top of the list for “ hold” on income properties. Realty.com, a online realty reporter rated the Seattle market a strong “ buy” and the “number one buy” among industrials near the Puget Sound area. The Port of Seattle will benefit from the growth of local corporate giants and of exports growth to Asian Pacific Rim countries.




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View Artemis Hotel in a larger map