Our team is proposing a two-tower high-rise design concept with a single shared podium/amenity base. The primary hotel tower will be 24 floors high accommodating hotel suites and guest rooms. The location of the hotel tower gives access to mountain and water views and develops a relationship with the existing Tollefson Plaza. The condominium tower will be 24 floors high, dedicated to private residence located on Broadway, and oriented to the existing neighborhood and University of Washington Tacoma Campus.

Each tower will have its own distinctive entrance. The main entrance and drop-off area for the hotel will connect to the hotel lobby, restaurant and ground floor retail. Our goal is to provide vibrant ground floor activities to respond to the existing urban environment, circulation, transit and urban plaza.​

To facilitate the connectivity of the project to the adjacent Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center, we are proposing a direct connection between the convention center's 3rd floor pre-function area and the hotel. Connectivity will also be established for the loading and back-of-house functions between the hotel and the convention center's 3rd floor service hallway.

Tacoma Convention Center Hotel & Condo