In July 10, 2013, USCIS approved Yareton Investment Funds Regional Center Designation, as a qualifying participant in Immigrant Investor Program. Effective on the same of notice, USCIS approves the Artemis Hotel project based on the evidence submitted with the Exemplar. Artemis Hotel LP, a new NCE of the project as the Yareton Investment Funds Regional Center, 60 investors is allowed to subscript as Artemis Hotel Limited Partners in exchange for contribution of $500,000 each, and investors shall legally process to file I-526 for obtaining permanent residency to live in the United States lawfully.

​What Is EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 visa is a way to get your green card and permanent residency through investment. The EB-5 investor visa program enables foreigners who make an investment in a U.S. business to obtain a green card and become lawful permanent residents, and eventual citizens, of the United States. The investment can lead to a green card for the investor to permanently live and work in the United States with their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21. The EB-5 visa program is operated by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The program was established by the United States Congress in 1990 to facilitate increased investment in the U.S. economy.

To meet EB-5 investor visa requirements, foreign investors must make an “at risk” capital investment in a for-profit U.S. business entity. The required investment amount is either $500,000 or $1 million, depending on which project you invest in. If you invest in a targeted employment area (TEA) the investment is $500,000, if you invest elsewhere the minimum required investment is $1 million. EB-5 investments must lead to the creation of 10 fulltime U.S. jobs for at least two years.

EB-5 investor visa applicants can also make their investment in an EB-5 Regional Center. This option may be best for those who are more interested in the immigration goals of EB-5 rather than obtaining a maximum return on their investment. Regional centers receive designation from USCIS to administer EB-5 investment projects. Regional centers are responsible for adhering to USCIS EB-5 program regulations. This takes strain off of the investors so that they are not solely responsible for meeting program requirements. As a result, investment through regional centers suits those who want a more hands-off approach, where they are not responsible for the direct management of their investment. Roughly 90 percent of all EB-5 applicants invest through a regional center.


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